Domains Which Were Sold With A Very High Price

Flipping a website is not a new concept to us and we all very well know that a large number of people develop a website and then sell it for generating some money. You will be surprised on knowing that nowadays people have started domain flipping also.

This business has grown to such an extent that people have paid millions for buying certain types of domains. A research found out that most of the domains which were sold out high were one-word domain names. They consisted of words which were highly searched and used .com domain name.

Here is a list of domains which were sold out very high in the market. This deal had taken place in 2007 and the domain was sold for $35 million. This was the highest deal which was ever made for purchasing any domain. This domain was bought by Brain Sharples, the founder of HomeAway and the reason behind purchasing this domain was that he didn’t want his rival and competitor Expedia to have it. This deal had come very close towards becoming the highest deal of all time. This deal had taken place in 2012 and the domain was sold for $30.18 million.’s deal happens to be the second highest deal of all time for almost three years which was later on broken by This deal had taken place in 2009 and the domain name was sold for $16 million.


Best And Easy Ways For Staying Fit Without A Gym

Are you bored of your same old health club or gym?

Going to a gym can be great way of staying fit, but it is not the only way for staying fit. There are myriad ways using which you can stay fit without going to a gym.

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Here are some ways which you can use for staying fit without going to gym.

Create Your Own Boot Camp

Boot camp style workouts are pretty much exciting and are full of enjoyment. Boot camp workouts are perfect for those who love challenges in their life. A major benefit of a boot camp workout is that you can create your own exercises and do whatever you are comfortable with.

The best thing about boot camp style workout is that you can do it anywhere you like, it can be done in a room also and outside in the open also.

Play Any Type Of Sports

Sports is considered to be the best workout which everyone loves doing. There wouldn’t be a single person who would not love playing any type of sports. So if you are bored from going to the gym and working out, it is advisable that you start playing your favorite sports.

Take A Walk Daily

Walking is one of the easiest ways using which you can stay fit and healthy as all it requires is a pair of supportive shoes and you can carry it out pretty much anywhere.

You can also sign up for a walking tour of your city. By doing this you can explore new aspects of your city while working out.

So use these fun ways for staying fit and you will not need to go to the gym for getting into shape.

Some Facts About Men’s Underwear Which You May Not Know

Today an underwear has become a key element for any wardrobe and has become an important piece which will make you ready for any occasion. But for that all you need to have a pair of underwear which goes well with the occasion.

ABC underwear is a very reputed online store which caters a wide range of high-quality men’s underwear. You can get the best men’s trunk at at very affordable price.

But there are a large number of facts about men’s underwear which is still unknown to a large number of people. So here are something which you may definitely not aware about men’s underwear.

Base Layer Affects Your Entire Outfit

When it comes to buying a perfect pair of underwear you should majorly focus on the base layer of the underwear. Experts say that if you possess the right fitting underwear then it is that you will definitely find everything else fitting perfectly.

While men wear tight pants or jeans they combat with problems such as a visible line. But today a large number of brands have worked to eradicate this problem and have made some improvements regarding both material and cut which will change the way you feel and look.

Not All Underwear Is Created Equal

Today a lot of men have realized that now underwear cater options such as comfort and high-quality. A lot of big brands are improvising with their lines and creating various kinds of underwear which fulfill every need of a man in various ways.

Experts say that one should by two or three different types and see which one feels and fits well and which one is more comfortable.

Fabric Matters

Moisture-wicking: Underwear which caters fabric which pulls moisture away and dries your body quickly compared to traditional cotton can prove to be very beneficial. So its is a must that you buy an underwear which is made up of moisture-wicking material.

Antimicrobial: The major fight back against imminent sweat is a bacteria resistant antimicrobial property which is found in certain fabrics. So one should always look to buy underwear with such type of fabric.

Micromodal: This is considered to be one of the finest fabrics for underwear which feels really soft and is almost of airy weight. It is one of the most ideal fabrics for underwear.

Classic cotton: It is one of the coolest fabrics and also dry, comfortable and considerably soft.

Fit Should Change For Function

You all will agree with the fact that as perfect the clothes should be with respect to the occasion, underwear also should be perfect. It would sound ludicrous if your wear baggy boxers under a slim-cut Italian suit as it is tighter in fit and it is likely that more streamlines will appear. Now the array of options is expanding and a wide range of underwear are available with respect to size and fabric.

5 Things The Loan Lenders Look In a Loan Application

Banks and lenders take risks everytime they lend someone money. There’s no guarantee after all if the borrower will be able to give back money or not. However, many loan lenders do understand the needs of money like, but the borrower should know about this five financial key factors which most of the lenders look for when they approve loan applications. And, if you have these financial keys positive, the odds of not qualifying for a loan is much less.

A FICO score of 740 or May be Higher

Your three digit FICO credit score is one of the most important thing for loan applications. This number explains how well you have managed your credit in the past. There are many things that goes into your credits, but here’s the basics: late or missed payments for student loan, credit cards or other forms of credit lingers on your credit reports. Therefore, if you want a business loan, you must maintain a strong FICO score, pay your bills on time. The lenders today and always have been as an important factor for considering loan application.

A Debt-to-Income of 43% Ratio or Lower

FICO credit score is one of the top priority, but your debt-to-income ratio is another important factor when applying for a business loan. Lenders nowadays prefer to work with borrowers whose total debts equal or no more than 43% of their gross monthly income.

If you’re debt-to-income ratio is higher, you might have to struggle for qualifying a business loan because lenders will worry that you might not be able to afford monthly business loan payment in addition to your other debts.

A Report of Credit Free of Negative Judgements

Lenders get suspicious when they see a loan application with bankruptcies or foreclosures on your credit reports. So, make sure it’s minimal or none because they worry that you might again run into financial trouble and won’t be able to make your monthly loan payments.

The top challenge is that these negative judgements on your credit report stays for a long time. Bankruptcies stay around 10 years and foreclosures around 7 years, and while the FICO score lessens over time, but lenders do look these things and stress over these negative judgements.

A Two-Year Employment History in The Field

Lenders wants to be certain that your income won’t just disappear. After all, if that situation occurs, you probably won’t be able to pay business loan payments. That’s the reason why lenders prefer working with borrowers who can prove that they have worked in the same field for at least two years. It’s also possible to get business loan without this, but having these can help you boost your odds of qualifying for the business loan.


Taking out a business loan isn’t expensive. You will just need thousands of dollars to cover your loan’s closing costs. However, a down payment of 5% of the loan will be a monthly instalments. The lenders will always want you to have savings in reserve, because this way, if your monthly income dries up, you will have enough money in the reserve savings to keep paying the business loan instalments.

How much savings you will need is depends on the lender, but most lenders requires you to have from two to six months worth of you business loan instalments.


Having all these things positive really reduces the chances of not qualifying for loan. However, regularly paying your debts will always increase the chances of getting business loan.

Did You Know Facts About Domain Names

Every day around 100,000 domains are given and taken. Internet today has become a very huge place and it is rapidly growing. So checkout these very amazing domain name facts. was the first domain which was ever registered. It was originally registered on March 15, 1985, which went on to become the first .com domain in the world.

Till 1995, domain name registration was absolutely free! Yes you heard it right, FREE. In 1995, Network Solutions was granted the authority to start charging for domain names. Domains pricing started from $100 for 2 years registration and then dropped to 470 in 1997. Domain registration have been dropping considerably since then ICANN was formed to control domain registrations.

The Nigerian domain extension(.ng) is the most expensive tld you can register. They can cost upto $40,000 a year at register. originally was supposed to be A Larry Page, the co-founder of narrate:

“ Lucas Pereira: ‘You idiots, you spelled [Googol] wrong!’ But this was good, because was available and was not. Now most people spell ‘Googol’ ‘Google’ , so it worked out OK in the end.” I’d sure say so. is one of the most expensive domains that has ever been sold. It was bought for an amazingly $35 million in 2007. “The only reason we bought it was so Expedia couldn’t have that url,” said HomeAway Founder and CEO Brain Sharples.

All 3 character domain are taken. 3 character domains are highly popular as they are so easy to remember, but registering one is impossible, or pretty pricey now as they are all taken. 1997 marks the year that all three were spoken for.

Mike Mann holds the record for registering the most domains in a single day with an astonishing 14,952 domains. When asked why he did so he replied “I’m just really greedy. I want to own the world.”